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We are handicraft dealer since 1991

Prakash Handicraft is well-versed manufacturer and exporter of Indian handcrafted furniture, bone inlay furniture, silver furniture, wooden furniture, white metal (German silver), and antique reproduction. Prakash Handicraft is located in Udaipur, one of the beautiful city of the world, it is surrounded by Aravali hills, there are many lakes and heritage Havelis. There are also 5 star hotels that mentioned in world's top hotels. Udaipur is also known for handicraft furniture and wooden crafts. Udaipur is located in Rajasthan in INDIA.
Prakash Handicraft work on order, we work for household furniture like dining table, coffee table, room chairs, chest of drawer, sofa set etc. we also work for offices, restaurants, hotels and bar. We deal in sterling silver furniture, white metal(German Silver) furniture, bone inlay furniture, mother of pearls furniture, wooden furniture, brass, copper, and in Meenakari. The products we manufacture are well crafted, well finished, and good quality and in various design. Our artisans are well trained and very responsive, we always encourage our craftsman to make new designs and styles.
Prakash Handicraft exports in all major countries like in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada etc. Our products appreciated by many people and we always admired for our services. We make decorative furniture for both interior and exterior, we make interior furniture like living room chairs, Victorian sofa set, bar stool, divider screen or partition screen etc. in exterior furniture we make wooden swings, white metal door panels, coffee table etc.
Our speciality is wooden carving furniture, we emboss wooden furniture and apply silver or other material sheet. We are very good in bone inlay furniture and mother of pearls furniture that you can fine in our products gallery, we make good number of bone inlay chest of drawers and chairs. Some of our products are wooden cabinets, silver daybeds, thrones, wedding accessories and gift articles etc.

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material types

Silver Furniture


We use sterling silver (99% pure) in our all products, we use different size sheet on wooden structure. Commonly we use it in porch swings, regency chairs, tables, daybed, Victorian sofa set etc. Handmade silver furniture are not only use in household but also in offices, restaurants, and hotels. Silver furniture are mostly use in interior furniture, we also get some order of silver gift... More..

White metal furniture


We make great number of white metal furniture, white metal is hard material compare with other material we use. White metal also called 'German Silver', German silver is named for its silvery appearance, but it contains no elemental silver unless plated. We use white metal in several products like regency chairs, living room sofa, door panels, and other wedding and gift articles... More..

Bone inlay furniture


Bone inlay furniture are one of the most beautiful products we make, bone we use in our products is camel bone( no camel harms, we use only natural dad camel's bone). Some popular products are Bone inlay chest of drawer, bone inlay chairs, bone inlay tables, and bone inlay gift articles etc. We give various design to this product, bone inlay work is very hard and caring work so... More..


We belive in sharing a single moment with our valuable customers so we always update our blog as well as posible, we are currently using Tumblr as our compony blog, here you can find all updates, products pic, our latest work, our deal etc. Blog - prakashhandicraft.tumblr.com. These are our two latest working products -

Silver sofa set

- Silver Victorian sofa

This is a Silver Victorial style sofa, Royal look, comfort, beautiful floral design with sharp embossed (carving) work. place your order now just send us an inquery.

Bone inlay drawer

- Bone Inlay Drawer

This is a Bone inlay drawer, using camel bone(no camel harm), using teak wood, black base. A perfect furniture to increase your house beauty, place your order now.

Our Products

White metal daybed
Product code : PDB-412
$ 200
$ 180
Silver throne chair
Product code : PTC-1101
$ 200
$ 180
Indian meenakari almirah
Product code : PAL-106
$ 200
$ 180